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Preventive Dentistry – Humble, TX

Where Beautiful Smiles Begin

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Proper preventive care is crucial for happy, healthy smiles. A mouth free of disease and decay can positively impact overall health and provide a lifetime of dental comfort and function. Progressive Dental Group offers comprehensive therapies to maintain and improve oral health and bring out the best in your smile. These services for preventive dentistry in Humble, TX are also designed to stop many dental problems before they begin, helping your family save both time and money in the dental chair. To schedule your next appointment to safeguard your smile, contact us today.

Why Choose Progressive Dental Group for Preventive Dentistry?

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Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

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Six-month checkups and hygiene visits are the building blocks of a healthy smile, and they give our team the chance to identify problems in the early stages before significant or irreparable damage can occur. During your checkup, we will assess your teeth, soft tissues, and jaw to determine their health and function, and then we can prescribe treatments to prevent or treat dental problems. Afterward, a dedicated cleaning will help remove any harmful plaque and tartar buildup from the teeth and gums, leaving your smile feeling nice and polished.

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Dental Sealants

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Did you know that the back teeth are by far the most likely to develop cavities? This is because their rough and pitted surfaces are the perfect traps for plaque and bacteria; they can also be quite tricky to completely clean as well (especially for young children who are still learning to brush). To give these teeth a fighting chance, we can place a dental sealant on them, which is a thin, invisible barrier made from a plastic-based material. They only take minutes to apply and can provide years of round-the-clock cavity protection.

Nightguards for Bruxism

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Many people unconsciously grind their teeth while they sleep as a response to daily stress, so much so that dentists actually have a term for it: bruxism. If your teeth look like they’ve been worn down flat, or if you regularly wake up with a sore jaw or head, bruxism is the likely culprit. To help with this problem, we can have a patient wear something called a nightguard to bed. This is a custom-made oral appliance that places a barrier over the teeth to prevent any damaging contact during the night.

Oral Cancer Screenings

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Pretty much anyone can develop oral cancer no matter their age, gender, or lifestyle, and the early stages can be quite easy to miss, meaning many patients aren’t diagnosed until the disease is very advanced. That’s why we always perform an oral cancer screening as part of every regular checkup. We’ll look for suspicious growths and sores in and around your mouth, and if we find anything concerning, we’ll help you get the follow-up care you need right away.

Fluoride Treatments

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Fluoride is actually all around us—in the foods we eat, the tap water we drink, and you’ll often find it added to toothpaste as well. That’s because regular exposure to this mineral has been shown to dramatically lower a person’s chances of developing cavities over time. If we believe that you or someone in your family could benefit from a little more fluoride than they are already getting day to day, we can provide a supplemental treatment during their regular checkup. It only takes a few minutes, is completely painless, and it’s proven to stop tooth decay in its tracks.

Children’s Dentistry

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We just love treating entire families here at Progressive Dental Group, and that, of course, includes their youngest members! In order to ensure that our little patients always have a good time at the dentist, our team consistently goes out of their way to create a welcoming and relaxing environment. While we have your child feeling nice and comfortable, we’ll provide the kid-friendly services they need to prevent tooth decay and ensure proper oral development.

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Gum Disease Therapy

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Gum disease is a bacterial infection of the gums that is usually brought on by a lack of consistent oral hygiene. It's the leading cause of adult tooth loss here in the US, and it has even been linked to heart attacks, strokes, pregnancy complications, and most recently, dementia. But there's good news! Our dentists offer targeted therapies that can prevent and alleviate infection as well as renew a patient’s oral health, including a special cleaning called scaling and root planing.

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