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Cost of Invisalign – Humble, TX

Investing in Your Oral Health & Confidence

For some patients, traditional braces aren’t the right choice to straighten their smile and boost their confidence. That’s why our team at Progressive Dental Group also offers Invisalign treatment in Humble. Aligners aren’t just an investment in your overall health and hygiene down the road, they also give teens and adults the ability to go about their daily lives without drawing attention to their orthodontic appliance. Many patients wonder what the cost of Invisalign is and whether the price difference is worth it. To learn more about the factors that are considered when determining the price of your treatment, you can keep reading or contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Why Choose Progressive Dental Group For Invisalign? 

  • $500 Off Invisalign Special
  • Dental Financing & Insurance Accepted
  • Customized Orthodontic Treatment

Factors That Influence The Cost of Treatment

an Invisalign welcome kit from a dentist in Humble

Invisalign treatment is unique in the fact that it’s customized for individual patients. So, whether you’re dealing with crowded teeth or a bite problem, each of your trays will be designed to tackle and fix that specific issue. This means that every treatment plan differs. Some factors that are considered while determining the cost include:

  • How long your treatment will take
  • How many aligners are required to address your orthodontic issues
  • Whether you stay on track with your initial treatment timeline
  • The severity of your misalignment

We’ll look at each of these factors during your initial consultation with Dr. Cabrera and walk you through your treatment.

Is Invisalign Worth The Investment?

person calculating the cost of Invisalign treatment

Patients and professionals will agree that Invisalign is well worth the investment if you’re a good candidate for the treatment. It offers a variety of unique, everyday benefits, including:

  • Removable convenience
  • Better oral health while undergoing treatment
  • Boosted confidence
  • Ability to eat the same foods you normally do
  • Discretion

Scheduling Your Consultation

dentist examining an X-ray of a mouth on a computer

The best way to get an exact cost of Invisalign treatment would be to schedule a consultation by contacting our office. Once we examine your X-rays and mouth, we’ll be able to develop a customized treatment plan for you and address each of the unique factors that will influence the cost. That way, instead of wondering how much Invisalign is, you can start focusing on the beautiful results you’ll be able to achieve. We’re also offering a $500 off special on Invisalign or braces treatment right now, so take advantage while you can!