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Tips on Easing Invisalign Discomfort

April 4, 2022

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smiling woman holding Invisalign

Do you have some awesome walking shoes that really weren’t very comfortable until you’d worn them a dozen times? Remember when you bought your favorite soft t-shirt years ago and it had that annoying tag you decided to tear out? Sometimes it just takes building some familiarity with an item for it to shift from feeling weird to feeling normal. If you are experiencing Invisalign discomfort in the early days of wearing your clear aligners, fear not because your dentist in Humble offers many tips to feel better!


4 Reasons You Still Need Dental Checkups With Dentures

March 5, 2022

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man at dental checkup in Humble

If you have missing teeth and need to replace them, then you’ve most likely opted to get dentures. They are certainly convenient, affordable, and can last you a long time with the proper care. So, do you still need to visit your dentist regularly for your restorations? Keep reading to learn four reasons you can always benefit from scheduling dental checkups with dentures!


5 Things to Do If You Chip a Tooth

January 5, 2022

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person with a chipped tooth covering their mouth

Did you know that the outermost layer of the teeth, called the enamel, is the hardest substance in the body? It protects your teeth from damage so your smile remains healthy. As strong as enamel is, that doesn’t mean your teeth can’t be damaged. Accidents happen, and sometimes they result in a chipped tooth. Though you may start to panic if this happens to you, take a deep breath and follow these five steps to get the situation under control.


Sensitivity in Your Dental Implant? Here’s What It Could Mean

November 13, 2021

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Dentist discussing sensitivity in dental implant

If you’ve recently had a dental implant placed, you may be concerned if you start to notice sensitivity coming from it. It’s important to keep in mind that sensitivity can occur for a variety of reasons and the potential cause may not even be from the dental implant itself. However, if you do notice sensitivity near your dental implant, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with a dentist soon to make sure no underlying problems are present. In the meantime, you can learn about the potential causes of your sensitivity ahead of your professional exam.


The Best and Worst Halloween Candy for Your Child

September 14, 2021

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This year, 82% of American households with kids are planning on celebrating Halloween, and 96% of celebrants are buying candy for the spooky season. As a popular part of American culture, Halloween and the candy that comes with it can be hard for your child to resist. So, how can you help your child make it through the spooky season without dealing with cavities after Halloween? Here are a few ideas.


Why Summer Is the Best Time to Complete Your Smile with Dental Implants

July 5, 2021

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woman with dental implants smiling on the beach

You’ve been looking forward to figuring out ways to beat the Texas heat with friends and family this summer. If you’re missing several teeth or wearing an unreliable denture, then many classic summer barbecue foods might be out of the question. You might even have trouble smiling confidently for group photos. If you’ve been waiting for the ideal time to replace your missing teeth with a more permanent, lifelike solution, look no further than dental implants. In fact, summer is the perfect time to complete your smile! Read on to find out why.


Veneers vs. Invisalign: Which Is Better for Correcting Misaligned Teeth?

April 24, 2021

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Woman in blue shirt thinking

Crooked, crowded, and gapped teeth are just a few orthodontic issues that can make it difficult to smile confidently, chew easily, and speak clearly. Decades prior, treatment necessitated metal brackets and dark-colored wires (which could take 24+ months to complete!). However, advancements in dentistry allow patients today to choose from a number of teeth-straightening services, like Invisalign and veneers. If you are interested in addressing misaligned teeth, here’s what you need to know about the difference between Invisalign and veneers.


Ace Your Valentine’s Day Date with a Bright Smile!

February 8, 2021

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Couple smiling at each other on dinner date

Whether you are preparing for a first date or have been dating your special someone for a couple of weeks now, you want to feel confident. While blogs and videos filled with dating tips often contribute the right cologne, the perfect outfit, and unyielding confidence to the recipe for success, decades of research show that your smile is actually the key! Keep reading to learn why you should consider professional teeth whitening for Valentine’s Day.


4 Things Everyone with Dental Insurance Should Know

December 14, 2020

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elderly couple discussing dental insurance with their dentist

If you’re new to using dental insurance, it’s important to recognize that it differs significantly from medical insurance. For one, your deductibles are much lower, which usually means lower annual maximums. Moreover, the degree of coverage you qualify for can vary greatly depending on the type of dental treatment you need. That said, here are four simple things that everyone with dental insurance should know.


Now’s the Time! Use Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire

October 10, 2020

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a young woman smiling while having her teeth checked during a regular appointment

Do you know why your dentist recommends using your dental insurance benefits before the end of the year? It’s not just so they can see your beautiful, smiling face once more. It’s so that you can take full advantage of a policy you’re already paying for each month before it expires. That’s right! All the available money provided to you by your insurance company will fall back into their hands at midnight on December 31 if it remains unused. As a result, you can be out thousands of dollars. If this doesn’t sound like a stellar way to end 2020, read on to find out how you can use your benefits, save money, and get your smile ready for the new year.

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